Sisters Three

Posted on Apr 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

Three Sisters, Oil on Wood One afternoon, I went and raided Chris’s stash and found three perfect scraps of wood. When I think of the # 3 I automatically think of my boys and my sisters. I am the oldest of three and have three sons. I think of past, present and future. I think […]

It all started in the lunch room…..

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I will never forget walking into the yearbook room and sitting in a big red leather chair was the cutest boy I had ever seen. Sun bleached blond hair, big green gentle eyes with endless eyelashes and a smile that stopped my heart. My gangly 14 year old legs quickly carried me back out to […]

Zadie in the Sky

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All of my boys, like most children love to find creatures, vehicles, you name it in the shapes of the clouds. The other day, Charlie began screaming that he saw Zadie,my adorable one year old niece. I asked, “Where?”- secretly hoping and wishing my sister had driven up for a surprise visit. He said “Up […]

Lake effects

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About a year ago, my world turned upside down and inside out when my husband got a new job in a new town. We were living in our dream home, I had finally figured out the school/sport/art/music/friend balance for the boys (at least for a few years to come) and was beginning to get a […]


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Fumbling around in the dark, I finally manage to wrap my paint thirsty fingers around my cell phone. I push buttons hoping to use it as a night light to find my way out of our bedroom. Not knowing just yet the layout of our new home in my minds eye, I feel along the […]