Half the Sky

This week the most tragic accident occurred, a flash flood killing a friend and former neighbor and her three beautiful daughters. It is beyond surreal, sucks all the air from my being at a whim, and is so devastating to try to wrap my heart around. Her husband is left behind with a void larger than a black hole. He and I had a few conversations about how great it is to be outnumbered… me Queen Bee and he King of the Castle. He has shown such grace, strength and honor to his ladies. I am in awe, though not surprised as this is how he lived and loved his girls. It is a love that I know will carry him through. Laurel and Alex had, from my perspective a tremendously respectful, adoring and full marriage. They championed one another. And their girls… how they were loved and cared for and celebrated. Beautiful Hannah, Zoe and Lucy. The potential lost is immeasurable. I can’t imagine the raw pain their close friends and family are feeling right now as their deaths have impacted me in such a profound way. I know this is a life changing moment. The questions that are raised, the thoughts swirling inside, the perspective it brings making all choices so much clearer. I will work hard within myself to let Laurel’s wise, fun, loving spirit shine from my little corner of the world. I will be a better mother and wife at times because of her. I don’t know why we as humans can’t do this more often without such a huge price… Laurel and Alex were both capable of this. They lived together fully, consciously and in such a genuine manner. This week I took the boys up to the top of Rocky Mountain National Park to get to the sky. I did my best to honor those 4 lovely souls as well as celebrate my own standing right in front of me. Today, there were pictures of the balloon release of all the colors against the gorgeous Colorado blue sky. Alex then posted that he would like donations sent to their favorite nonprofit, Half the Sky to continue Laurel’s work and honor the girls. So with that, I found myself at the canvas painting layer upon layer until I came up with my version of Half the Sky with Laurel’s light radiating. It is unbearable to think they are not here anymore. My throat closes without fail each time I think of it. But they will forever inspire a huge community that loved them so.