Missing the Rothko Room

After I graduated college, I had the good fortune to have a yearlong internship at the Phillips Collection in Washington, DC. Whenever time allowed, (before heading to one of the two additional jobs I had that year), I would find myself sitting on the single bench in the Rothko Room.  It was always a cherished and meditative moment in time. Sitting in the center of 4 of Rothko’s pieces created a safe place to let my heart and mind have an authentic conversation. The lighting in the room is perfect (and not at all like it is shown in the link) letting the intense colors and layers draw you into his paintings. For me, they would simultaneously evoke memories and inspire dreams. It has been a long time since I have sat in that room, but I can close my eyes and remember what a gift it was during that year to have that space to just be. I truly miss the Rothko Room.

**If you live near Washington or have a trip planned, The Phillips Collection is a tremendous treasure not to be missed. Enjoy!