The Chocolate Karma Goddess is good to me… her name is Robin.

At the end of January, I asked family and friends to send a little love note to Ryan for a secret Valentine’s Day project. The teachers asked us to come in the night before and decorate the 3rd graders’s desks. My wonderful friend in the Springs, who happens to be the mother of Ry’s favorite person in the world, very promptly put a package in the mail. Not only was there a funny love note for Ry, but treats for our whole family. A pile of gummy things and sugary hearts for all. But for me, a decadent bar of chocolate. I know this because she very wisely wrote my name on it giving me full permission to NOT share. Did I mention how wonderful she is?

 I had been hiding all of the love notes in my desk, in my room. The package was too big and so into my closet it went. As I got ready to shove it among my sweaters, I tucked the chocolate bar into my cubby of t-shirts to have as a reward for another day (I know, weird I didn’t inhale it right then and there.) Valentine’s Day came and the surprise was a huge hit. Among all the swirl and chaos of that week, I totally forgot about my secret stash.

This past weekend, I could no longer deny that something had to be done about the amount of paint clothes I had wadded up on my closet floor that were now spilling out into my room. So, I got rid of a bunch that were really more like wearing a canvas. They actually looked pretty cool, but really not so comfy anymore after years of wall finishes and canvases. It was time to give some jeans and t-shirts in my closet a chance to don new colors.

Yesterday, I managed to talk myself into chores for the morning leaving me a couple of hours to paint in the afternoon. I managed to make the main floor almost presentable. A house with three boys, two big dogs that has wall to wall white carpet is a living nightmare.  So when I literally couldn’t take another minute of the mundane vacuuming, dusting and bathroom scrubbing, I went to my closet to pull out a pair of jeans and a T-shirt to christen with paint. As I grabbed an old Coke-a-Cola shirt (another vice.. a bad one, I realize) the chocolate bar came flying out, smacked my knees and landed on my feet.

WHOO HOOO!! I felt that I had won the lottery as I looked down to see my secret stash, that I had completely forgotten about, with its pretty script Dark Chocolate with Caramel waiting for me. So instead of getting dressed and taking it down to the studio with me, as perhaps a normal adult might do,  I sat down right then and there in my underwear and ate it. ALL of it!

THANK YOU ROBIN!!! You are my chocolate karma goddess and I love you for it!