Fumbling around in the dark, I finally manage to wrap my paint thirsty fingers around my cell phone. I push buttons hoping to use it as a night light to find my way out of our bedroom. Not knowing just yet the layout of our new home in my minds eye, I feel along the hall and find my way downstairs in an almost frantic pace in order to get to my paints. I couldn’t wait to open them up and inhale the smell that is so familiar. As the palette fills with warm colors of golds and red and the soothing music of Greg Laswell gently wraps my heart, I can feel my body begin to fill with oxygen and a calm that I have been looking for all day takes over. I am then able to add some cool colors to balance out the color study. I ditch the brushes in the mirky water and begin to smear and dance my finger tips through the smooth aqua oils. Finally feeling somewhat connected to myself again, I watch images come and go, the movement turn from energized to serene. Perhaps now, sleep will come after all. Peacefully, I stumble upstairs ready to snuggle into bed next to my love.