It all started in the lunch room…..

I will never forget walking into the yearbook room and sitting in a big red leather chair was the cutest boy I had ever seen. Sun bleached blond hair, big green gentle eyes with endless eyelashes and a smile that stopped my heart. My gangly 14 year old legs quickly carried me back out to the hall for a private giggle and an instant NEED to know who the hell that boy sitting in there was. Stay calm Catherine. Be cool. Then he turned up sitting one table across from me and my sophomore peers in the lunch room. I could hardly wait for lunch and yearbook after school to see him. But of course, he played center on the football team and was dating a cheerleader. Damn. I couldn’t help myself though as they walked hand in hand down the hallways, I would look him square in the eye and just smile. The first time I felt the advantage of being tall. One afternoon, we were assigned a task together and a friendship began. An ease along with a spark and lots of laughter. Smiles were shot back and forth across the lunchroom, he bought me a Slurpee for my birthday.. only to find out his was the next day, we hung out at some basketball games with groups of friends (girlfriend was no longer in the picture!!) and I began to realize how very comfortable I felt around him. His gentle and playful personality shone brighter than those big eyes. Our school had a fundraiser around Valentine’s Day that matched people up from a computer (a novelty then) and he came and found me to tell me I was on the top of his list. Full on flirtation had begun. We casually caught some soccer games together. The smiles in the lunchroom became table visits instead of his disappearing out to Senior Court. We realized we had our last class across a courtyard and would sit by the windows flashing silly faces and signs. He would come watch me at tennis practice. One of the other girls that he had grown up with, went on and on about how annoying he was that he was there to watch her and how mad she was at him for this that and the other… some how managing to keep my mouth shut, I just smiled and felt giddy with my secret crush and new friend. Then the moment I had waited for. Walking me back to class from lunch, he asked if I would want to go out the following night. By some grace, I was able in a very collected voice say “sure, give me a call later.” I walked into English beaming and my friend who sat behind me and I whispered and passed notes the rest of class. It was so great to let my secret and my excitement out! Friday night when he picked me up we were both wearing pink Polo’s, acid washed jeans and our penny loafers….. honestly, it is a wonder. Anyway, we drove to the movies just talking endlessly. Decided on D.O.A., and then slipped into the dark theater. Eventually one of his pinkies reached over and locked with mine. Then all fingers danced across each other and we haven’t stopped holding hands since. Tonight is another Friday night on the 8th of April, though it is now 2011 and not 1988. And tonight, the two of us who held hands and first kissed each other 23 years ago are going on a date (no movie though.. time alone is much to rare to not talk, flash smiles across a table, hold hands and kiss). I know all those years ago neither of us would have imagined we would live 2000 miles from that little high school where we met, with three boys and life that has woven us together in a way that is rare and so very special. Looking back however, I can’t imagine it any other way. At some point, in a vulnerable moment, I once asked him “why me?” He replied, “your smile across the lunchroom. It was the best.” C2- Spring 1988 – acid washed jeans and all….

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