Sisters Three

Three Sisters, Oil on Wood

One afternoon, I went and raided Chris’s stash and found three perfect scraps of wood. When I think of the # 3 I automatically think of my boys and my sisters. I am the oldest of three and have three sons. I think of past, present and future. I think of morning, noon and night. That day, it seemed natural to paint the three sisters. To think of the colors they ‘represent” or perhaps the colors that represent them/me. To try to capture the the energy of the children we have brought into the world and now mother in the form of orbs. They needed to be able to be stand alone as well as work together, just as we do. I am so fortunate to have my sisters as not only a foundation but as closest of friends. I am so grateful for the love they not only give me, but my family. We joke (sort of) that our children have three mothers. I am much too protective of them and they graciously put up with me. In some ways we are so much alike and other manners extremely different. It is good to recognize, celebrate and remember as I raise my three sons. This Mother’s Day this piece will go to our Mom who is back in Virginia. She raised us with more grace and strength than I can imagine. Perhaps a new painting will be of her with us as the orbs of energy. Though that seems to be an undertaking I am not sure my heart can really capture.