Winter Water

One of my many heart rocks tucked in my gardens. This one my boys found for me in Moab.

Here in Colorado, we have to winter water our trees and shrubs to get them established and on their way. When we bought our little corner of the world, there wasn’t a single shade tree (however we have some glorious CO Blue Spruce trees). Now, we have several Crabapples, a beautiful Maple, a couple of Serviceberries, a Hawthorn, a Bartlett Pear, some transplanted Aspens, and my favorite, a Honeylocust all carefully planted to create color, shade, texture, fruit and privacy. I am giddy to watch them grow. By the time Chachi graduates, we may be able to even sit under a few of them. It was a glorious weekend here and the perfect time to go out and give our trees a little mid-winter drink.  I loved dragging the hose around, watching the water absorb into the thirsty earth in swirling patterns, picturing the roots soaking up the moisture. I am fully aware that the trees aren’t the only ones being nurtured.  I love the peace and quiet of tending to my yard. I cherish getting lost in the potentials of what I can create on my earth canvas-the dreaming of ways to get rid of more grass, the wondering if certain plants bought on clearance at the end of the season will uncurl their leaves come spring, the hoping that other plants will be large enough to split and the wealth of their beauty multiplied. In the winter, I so miss the focus and clarity that comes from working the soil, digging up weeds, pruning shrubs and perennials and planting my sunflower seeds. The intuitive nature of it makes me feel calm, connected and whole. I most definitely have spring fever… and a long wait. 

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