Sky in nursery. One of my favorite things to do is paint clouds.

First of all, I was so very wrong. Sending this out into the world was not at all like jumping out of a plane without a parachute. I have the most beautiful, colorful, and grand parachute of all.
Your cheers, feedback, kindness and support are overwhelming and I will hold onto them to keep moving forward. And, I know that I can continue to go back up into the sky and jump all over again.  I am ever grateful. Thank you.

I have been thinking endlessly these past few days about all of my muses. From a childhood friend, whose photographs grab my soul with his use of light and line, to a new friend who is dedicated to saving the world through her support of the arts; from a sister who battles stage 4 breast cancer to a friend whose spirit shines as bright as it did when she walked this earth; from pure wonderment of a whispered “wow” from my son’s lips to a simple message received from across the miles that comes at just the right time. The examples are endless and my muses are many. So as part of this little corner of the world, I want to take the time now and then to celebrate you for making my life so colorful. I sat down and have written names upon names of those who inspire me and ignite a spark with in. It will probably take me my whole life to do this, but I am willing to try. Not only will it let me shine light and gratitude on you, but will hopefully pass your gift, love, and uniqueness on to inspire others.
So, soon look for the first of my many muses to be celebrated. This is going to be fun! Cheers!