What’s in a name?

About two months after we moved to Fort Collins, my son Ryan came home from school to tell me that his teacher had read about “my” art show in the paper. Completely baffled, I went to the computer to the local newspaper’s website. Sure enough there was a Cat Giglio having an art show downtown that following weekend.

 No way! 

 I couldn’t believe it. It might be a rather common name in New York, but in a small Colorado city, 20 miles from the Wyoming border, not so much. Did she have to spell out her name everywhere she went? Did she get “thank you Ms. Gigolo” (really!) at the grocery store?  I set out to find her. Fortunately for me, she has a wonderful blog (I recommend you go check it out!)  La Dolce Vita, and is on Facebook. I poured over her artwork. Beautiful mixed media pieces, that seem to be made up of layers of her spirit and passions.  Cat creates beautiful,  stunning, romantic, timeless pieces.  So, I sent her a note with a quick explanation of mistaken identity. We emailed back and forth. Not only was she an artist, but incredible gardener and lover of wine and chocolate. So what’s in a name anyway? So many connections!  We agreed to meet up for an afternoon treat at the Chocolate Cafe.  It was so much fun and lovely to meet Cat face to face.  We shared our stories, interests and thoughts. And, of course inquired about our names. She was born Caterina Giglio (and later by marriage added Digison) and I born Catherine Dennison later adding Giglio- and we both go by Cat.  We were meant to be friends.

CATerina Giglio and CATherine Giglio at Chocolate Cafe -2011

She told me she had reconnected with an old love and was soon to be moving to Michigan. We got a good laugh that Fort Collins couldn’t possible handle two Cat Giglios at the same time!  I got to meet up with her once more before she moved, but then missed seeing her this past summer when she was in town. Fortunately through technology, our acquaintance has turned into friendship. I so enjoy watching her art career soar and going along on her travels through her blog. Doors have opened for me because we share the same name. I have slid in on her reputation coat-tails (unknowingly) a few times, only to find out later that someone extended an invite because they thought I was her. When they finally realize their easily made mistake, I can see that familiar lightbulb go off.  And, about once every two months or so when I am out at a local art event, I will get comments like “You aren’t Cat Giglio!” Or, at local stores they read my debit card and do a double take. I then explain and always the store owner has the nicest things to say about CATerina. We still manage to trip people up on Facebook every now and again. Who knows? Perhaps someday, we will do a show together and really make people’s heads spin! 

But until then, go get a glass of wine and enjoy La Dolce Vita ! 

And, CATerina, I am raising my virtual glass of wine to you! Cheers! Salute! Amore! 

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