What a weekend! I am completely exhausted and yet, I couldn’t sleep last night as my head and heart spin off axis in 20 directions. I spent the weekend as a volunteer at the Air Shift Workshop.  The workshop is a foundation weekend to get people thinking and shifting outside of the box in order to reach their potential and goals (or help to begin to establish what those might be).  The big shift is the combination of getting artists to see the benefit of planning and business skills and having business minds embrace the value that creatives can bring to companies and communities. What is realized through both personal and group exercises is that all of us are creative, all of us have value and skills, and all of us have a heart. When these are combined with hard work and focus, “the sky truly is the limit.”

Art and Business Come Together.  

It was amazing to see what unfolded this weekend as all those minds (and hearts) collaborated and worked hard. Not only were powerful and interesting potential projects developed, but also so were new friendships and partnerships. It was so much more than networking.  I watched as people struggled through the uncomfortable tension that collaboration can create. But, as they were guided through facilitation, which had clear guidelines yet centered in the core and intuition of good leaders, their voices were heard and new ideas emerged. And, I should mention lots of smiles, hugs, and laughter were present too! Skills in listening, as well as learning to speak up were both valued and expected giving all a voice.  What is created through the materials and presentations (which is an amazing amount of information) along the encouragement and honesty of the instructors, is a safe place to go outside your comfort zone and reach. It is really inspiring to not only feel this shift taking place myself, but to see it and talk to others who are experiencing the same thing. The light in their eyes is stunning.

Heart Centered

I could sit here all day and write about all of the people I met and talked with, or wish I had after getting just a glimpse into their world. And, I could tell you about the brilliant ideas they came up with, the very different lives they are living and the dreams they have.  I could share the effective lessons and resources that made up the curriculum but perhaps, you should sign up for a workshop yourself and experience this magical weekend first hand.   Check out their website  take the tour and let your shift begin. I am getting back to my shift, right after a big nap!

Soaking up sunshine and creative presentations. 
People came from Canada, Michigan Wyoming and different parts of Colorado.