WHAT? Serioulsy? Did I just write that?

Sitting here trying to catch my breath. I just got the boys off to school and ran from my car to get inside. The wind is whipping, the snow is swirling and it is a lovely 18 degrees on this April 9th morning.

WHAT? Seriously! Did I just write that?


 I am always homesick for Virginia in April. I day dream of the rosebuds, cherry blossoms, tulips, daffodils, and fields of emerald green that all are promises of lush, dense foliage to come. I am so itching to dig and play in the dirt. Obviously, we are a ways off from that kind of fun here. So today, I am going to take advantage of a quiet house that is picked up and clean enough to ignore and focus on starting to write an artist statement.

WHAT? Seriously.? Did I just write that?

So I will probably go paint first and warm up to that idea.

I called a friend yesterday who is a brilliant artist, by far one of the funniest people I know and has a heart with endless amounts of love and compassion. I had some questions for her as I was heading out to ship off the two paintings I sold last week.

WHAT? Seriously? Did I just write that?


Anyway, Barbara was helpful in answering my questions. I thanked her for her time and told her that I feel like I am playing dress up, or house, or doctor or something as I “play artist.” (though, I am taking this process much more seriously and focused than I thought I possibly could) She said that she still feels that way at times and like a poser or fraud.

WHAT? Seriously? Did she just say that?


I couldn’t believe it as we just finished talking about her opening in Denver next month, that the gallery was coming up to pick up some of her work, etc… and this by far from her first show. Go to her website and see for yourself. She is an accomplished and professional artist and she feels like that, too? Crazy.

But, in her direct way and funny way, she told me it is time to use the word. I felt proud.

artist. ARTist. Artist?

What? Seriously? Can I say that?

I am going to paint.