Red Thread Thanks

Last fall, I was fortunate enough to sell  painting that I loved to a woman who welcomed it into her home with great pride and fanfare. I had planned to write about that day then, but I am glad I waited as the story had another chapter to be told.

I often find it hard at times to say goodbye to a painting as I send it out into the world.  For me, there is a lot of emotion and internal thought in them. My memories are carried within those layers of paint; blankets of thoughts and feelings. However, I have learned that the paintings tend to find where they are suppose to be. When I get the chance/privilege to talk with the new owner of my paintings, it is pretty evident and even magical how they find the right home.

When I delivered this particular piece to a home in Old Town Fort Collins, I was greeted with tremendous warmth and excitement. The new owner showed me where she wanted it to go and then asked if I would ” do the honors” of hanging the painting. I was happy to do so. Once it was up, she actually had tears in her eyes and gave me a great big hug. It was the best. She poured some beers and we raised our glasses and toasted. It made my heart soar. We sat and talked a bit. She asked me about my work and how I got to be a painter. I told her the Legend of the Red Thread of Fate and how it came to be a part of my life. Again, tears in her eyes. While we sat and talked, her oldest son, a freshman in high school, pulled a chair up right in front of it and just sat. Eventually, he too asked some questions and  I know my feet weren’t touching the ground. What a gift of love they gave to me as they welcomed my art with such ceremony and true appreciation. It really caught me off guard to be experiencing that moment but I was overwhelmed with gratitude.



This past week, she invited me along with my boys back to her home for another visit and to talk about a commission based off of Sisters Three. She proudly showed me her painting again and how it has become her reading corner. It was great to see it as it brought back fond memories for me, but it was clear it was a painting meant for her. I am glad I let it go.  I learned more about her this time and about her practice as a therapist for youth and families. It was a lovely visit and it went by much too quickly. She showed me that the red thread I had sent with a thank you note, was still tied around her wrist. I showed her mine and was so grateful that the red thread had done its job once again. Connection.

A few days later, I got a text from her asking if I had anymore of that thread that I could spare. She was going to be meeting with a group of 5 high school students who had a friend who passed away and she wanted to share the legend.

My knees felt weak and my eyes welled up. The familiar stab of sorrow in my heart.

I left the ball of thread on my front porch  which she later returned with a message that the session had gone well. The students took extra to pass along to other friends and loved ones. I closed my eyes and thought of those whose hearts were breaking. I thought of Laurel and her girls. I thought of my sister in law whose friend passed away last week. And I thought of all of the amazing people I get to love and be loved by.

I love that the legend is infinite. It has traveled so long and far already. How many times will it circle the globe?

I love to wonder who I still get to share it with and who they will share it with. It keeps me pushing forward in those days when I doubt myself and my path.  It reminds me that I truly paint (and write) to connect with my journey and  to connect with others.

Thank you for being here to take the time to connect with me. I really appreciate it. If you ever would like some red thread to pass along, message me your mailing address and I will pop some in the mail to you. Best, Cat


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